Why Acupuncture can possibly help increase IVF success

Acupuncture really helps IVF success
Acupuncture really helps IVF success

In 2015, those woman having IVF that did the full acupuncture treatment protocol had a success rate of 75% at my clinic. Those are amazing numbers!

Just today I saw research from Toronto’s own Robert Casper published in the January 2016 edition of Fertility and Sterility suggesting a reason why acupuncture might help so much.

According to Dr. Casper’s research the environment around the growing embryo (mother’s body and womb) affects the growing embryo. That stress and nutritional status have an affect on the growing embryo from at least as early as day 5.
It is intuitive to guess that a calmer well fed mother will give an embryo a better chance of growing, but great to have backed up by research.

We know from seeing all the “zen” patients in our clinic that acupuncture can help people relax and can minimize the negative effects of stress on the body.
Research also backs this up.
But now we have a research backed, likely explanation for why acupuncture can increase the success rate of IVF so much.

Thank you Dr Robert Casper!!

Prepare for IVF coverage in Ontario

As many of you know. The IVF procedure is covered in Ontario.

If Ontario’s experience is going to be anything like what happened in Quebec when they covered IVF 3 years ago it’s going to be crazy.

More people will choose to do IVF because the costs are lower and therefore there will be long-line ups for services.

As you know only 1 IVF will be covered at a limit of 1 embryo per transfer.

What better way to hopefully maximize the chance of that single transfer working than by allocating some of the money you save towards acupuncture.

Doing acupuncture in the 3 – 5 months leading up to embryo transfer is the good way to hopefully maximize the quality of the single embryo you will be transferring.

Doing acupuncture in the 9 weeks leading up to your transfer is the great way to hopefully improve your chances of the embryo transfer turning into a successful implantation and baby 8 ½ months later. In 2015, our success on rate in embryo transfers for patients who did the whole 9 treatments and the before and after embryo transfer treatments was 75!

Get started on priming to make the most of this wonderful opportunity coming your way.