IVF Coverage in Ontario

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Fertilize the soil before planting the seed.

IVF and Acupuncture

As many of you know. IVF is g covered in Ontario.

More people will choose to do IVF because the costs are lower and therefore there will be long-line ups for services.

As you know only 1 IVF will be covered at a limit of 1 embryo per transfer.

What better way to maximize the chance of that single transfer working than by allocating some of the money you save towards acupuncture.

Doing acupuncture in the 3 – 5 months leading up to embryo transfer is the best way to maximize the quality of the single egg you will be transferring.

Doing acupuncture in the 9 weeks leading up to your transfer is the best way to improve your chances of the embryo transfer turning into a successful implantation and baby 8 ½ months later.

Get started on priming to make the most of this wonderful opportunity coming your way in December.