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At Fertility Toronto we don’t just help women with fertility and pregnancy care we also treat a wide variety of women’s health concerns, everything from menopause to PMS to painful periods and endometriois to fibroids and cysts.


Having kids in your early 20’s is no longer the norm. Many of us are waiting until our 30’s or even early 40’s to have children. There are many positive aspects to waiting until you are a little older to have kids. One of the unfortunate side effects of waiting until you are older to have children is that achieving pregnancy and carrying a child to term becomes more difficult.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the areas that people are turning to for help with fertility problems. Traditional Chinese Medicine has used safe and relatively side effect free treatments to help couples get pregnant for thousands of years. Both men and women turn to Fertility Toronto Acupuncture for help.

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Four main types of patients come to the clinic for help.

  1. People that have not been diagnosed as infertile but want to do everything they can to increase the odds of a healthy pregnancy and child
  2. People that have been diagnosed as infertile and for a variety of reasons choose not to use conventional western fertility treatments
  3. People that want to increase the effectiveness of ART including IUI, and IVF with and without ICSI.
  4. Women with Polycystic Ovarian Synrome (PCOS)

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